An Update

Hi All, many apologies for not updating this site for so long. I moved to London from Vancouver in late 2017 and have pretty much taken that time to settle into life here in this great city. 


After a great…

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Radio Interview

I did a radio interview yesterday (9th September, 2017) with America Latina al Dia to discuss the missing students of Ayotzinapa and speak about the music I have composed in response to their disappearance. The interviewer, Wendy Mendez, spoke about…

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This very short solo piece for celeste was written towards the end of 2016. It was fun to create something exclusively for an instrument I use often in my compositions, and this may provide the basis for a larger orchestrated…Read more

Come Gentle Spring

This short work for symphonic strings is about the coming of spring, written during the winter of 2016/17. The music of Estonian composer, Arvo Part, has been a huge inspiration on many aspects of my life and I was happy…Read more

The Film About Ayotzinapa Published Today

I am deeply grateful to have been a part of this project about the Ayotzinapa students. This tragic event unfolded on a rainy night on the 26th September 2014. It has been close to…Read more

Published article about Ayotzinapa and Our Missing

Here is a recent article I wrote for the Movement Medicine newsletter about the Ayotzinapa project. Much gratitude to them for publishing it, and for also selling my work through their online store. You can learn more about their extraordinary…

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Remix Released

I have just released a simple remix of one of the sections in Our Missing. I've added to the rhythmic elements and extended it slightly but respected the sparseness and ambience of the original. It may be of interest to…

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Somme, 1913

I began work on this in late 2014 when I first started using the symphonic strings library from Spitfire Audio. The melody appeared instantly and put me in mind of Vaughan Williams, an English pastoral composer I have admired for…Read more

Night Walker

I'm happy to be publishing this orchestral work in six short movements. It has been many months in the making and underwent several major revisions and rewrites. It began in response to my first hearing Alexander Desplat's phenomenal score for…Read more

New Orchestral Piece

I'm pleased to be releasing this short orchestral work which was written towards the end of 2015. It's called, 'This Brief Time In The Sun'. I'm enjoying working with strings, in particular the flautandos and spiccatos. As with 'Our Missing'…Read more

New Composition Available to Purchase

After an intense and introspective period of writing and study, work is finally becoming ready for release. I have made considerable improvements to my studio and have begun using Simon Heyworth and Andy Miles at Super Audio Mastering in the…

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