My Story

When I moved to Vancouver, on the west coast of Canada, in 2013, I worked full time on deepening my understanding of composition. I had a small studio with views of the Coast Mountains by day and the lights of downtown at night for inspiration. This was a valuable time as I was able to dedicate myself fully to honing my craft relatively unencumbered by daily distractions and the ties of a 9 to 5 job. My studio is my instrument and I dedicated my time to exploring the creative possibilities it offers. I am continually expanding and upgrading it and use libraries from the finest companies such as Spitfire Audio. I am now back in the UK and living in London, and I am keen to see what opportunities and creative possibilities arise here. 

Many things inspire me to write, so much of which has yet to find its way into musical form. The initial writing phase is generally quite fast, followed by revisions, additions, and rewrites as part of the shaping and production process. I have observed how creative ideas often dictate a journey towards completion, and in part, I am merely their steward. I first became aware of this while working in the printmaking rooms at Chelsea School of Art where I was an undergraduate. 

I am a percussionist, and music, dance and rhythm have been central to my life for many years. I have drummed with Moroccan berbers for dancers in the sahara, improvised in performances with a contemporary dance company in England, and performed and recorded with several bands and solo artists. For a number of years I performed with singer and composer, Gavin Frank. His friendship and patience encouraged a deeper exploration of music and writing. To him, and many others I have met along the way, I am eternally grateful.