An Update

Hi All, many apologies for not updating this site for so long. I moved to London from Vancouver in late 2017 and have pretty much taken that time to settle into life here in this great city. 


After a great many obstacles I finally managed to get the money raised from the sale of the 'Our Missing' tracks to the parents of the missing 43. This will help towards their legal and accommodation costs while they fight for answers from state officials in Mexico City. I am grateful to Mikael from London Mexico Solidarity who found me a reliable contact, Paula, to deliver the funds to the parents. She had this to say on behalf of the parents:

'Tell Mr Lawrence - for my part - thank you very much. Because, beyond that money helps solve urgent needs, the gesture is what helps most. It's a hug from people who don't even know and think about them. That is worth more. And if he also made a song he is a charm.'

Thank you to everyone who supported this fundraiser. Their search for answers goes on as yet more people are disappeared in Mexico. 


Stay safe everyone as we navigate these strange and challenging times. I am using the lockdown in London to work on several music projects both of my own and with Madrum. I look forward to sharing them with you before too long. Be well x